That Sugar Movement

30-Day Kick Start Program for You and Your Family

Less sugar in your diet,
more energy in your day.


30-Day Kick Start Program for You and Your Family

Our team of nutritionists and dietitians have designed ten modules full of nutritional information, recipes, tips and handy hints just for you. With a new module sent to your inbox every three days, you�ll be sugar smart and feeling great in no time!

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Included in your program

You’ll receive a new module every 3 days, as part of your 30-Day Program

  • The Film


    That Sugar Film, yours to download and keep!

    The film that will change the way you think about “healthy” foods. Get your partner, kids and friends on the couch and get informed.

  • Activities


    30 days of information, ideas and knowledge.

    A new module every three days, packed with nutritional information, food tips and recipes, plus an easy-to-answer quiz to test your knowledge.

  • Recipe Ideas

    Recipe Ideas

    Healthy meal planning at your fingertips.

    Enjoy our delicious recipes, that are low on sugar, big on taste. Exclusive to members, checked by our experts and easy to make.

  • Community

    Expert Advice

    Ask questions, share stories, get support.
    Your online community, managed by our nutritionists, for people like you that want to build healthy eating habits.

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That Sugar Movement 30-day Kick Start program has been created by our team of qualified dietitians and nutritionists to support balanced eating, as per Australian dietary guidelines and the World Health Organisation. For just $79, you can change the way you eat in 30 days, following our simple tips and tricks.


The tools you need, in just 30 days. Free of added sugar, and medical jargon

  • Learn how to identify hidden sugars in the foods you buy.
  • Discover simple tools and techniques to make better food choices for you and your family.
  • Life hacks to throw away the processed food for you and your family.
  • Low-fat often means high-sugar. Learn where it’s hiding.
  • Beat the cravings, with yummy alternatives that hit the spot.
  • Create tasty meals that are easy and nutritious.
  • And you don’t need to go it alone! There’s a whole community right by your side when you need it.
?I have been told by my doctor to lose weight and cut out added sugar, but I honestly didn't realise how easy it was until I watched your movie. This program has helped me so much, I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work!?


?We are now completely sugar free in this house and we have never felt better or had more energy. The truth is we weren't even eating that much, but it seems like even a little was really detrimental to our well being. I suppose some of us are more affected than others.?


?I am just so grateful for the information provided in this film and for the jump start it gave me to try it out. I feel free. I feel it is now easy to eat a healthy diet, and I feel like a normal person who doesn't have a love-hate relationship with food.?


?I don't go to gym but I do work a physical labour job and I've noticed the excess fat just fall off me. I feel lighter and healthier (physically and mentally) than I have in a very long time. ?


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How’s it work?

What you’ll learn


Getting started

We�ve developed some tools to assess your progress. And set up your kitchen for success.


Module 1

Supermarket Survival

We walk you through how to read a food label and navigating your first food shop. You got this!


Module 2

Hydration and Liquid Sugars

How to avoid added sugar hotspots in alcohol, smoothies, sports drinks and other beverages.


Module 3

Snacks & Cravings

When 3pm hits, or once the kids go to bed, how can we manage cravings and avoid the guilt?


Module 4

Natural vs Added Sugars

What�s the difference? And how can you find them? We�ll show you how with our cheat sheet.


Module 5

Fruits and Vegetables

Are you eating the colour wheel? We take a look at fruits and vegetables, the original superfoods.


Module 6


Did you know there are two types of carbohydrates? Learn how to fuel your body correctly.


Module 7

Blood Glucose: Sugar 101

Understand how glucose is regulated by the body, and the impact of a diet high in added sugar.


Module 8

Meal Planning & Regularity

Learn how to get the right balance of nutrients for all ages and sizes, to keep your meals balanced.


Module 9

The Fat in Our Food

Did you know �fat-free� or �low-fat� often means high sugar? Get our tips to keep your fat intake healthy.


Module 10

Sugar, Stress & Sleep

Find out how our stress, sleep and sugar habits are connected, to break the vicious cycle.


Wrap up

Reflect and Assess

Small steps make a big difference! Measure and assess your progress, then set some new goals to help you along.


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Cut out hidden sugars, look and feel better in 30 days

So whether you want to reduce your dependence on sugar, know how to make healthy selections at home and on the go, or simply feel better, we promise that you/r family, friends, will be more aware about where sugar lives � and how to combat it, through our structured program offering easy-to-apply information, recipes and techniques, in a language you can understand.


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