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Meet the team

Our Board

The Board of Directors at That Sugar Movement are responsible for setting the strategic direction and policies of the organisation and monitoring its overall performance and growth.� An accomplished team with varied skill sets across finance and business, the creative arts and philanthropy, the Board ensures That Sugar Movement continues to provide social value�across all levels of government and community.

Our Experts

Our team of experts provide nutritional guidance and ensure all That Sugar Movement programs support and promote balanced eating, much like the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and World Health Organisation. Working with government, community groups, industry associations and commercial partners, our passionate team are motivated�to empower individuals and families to make healthy food choices.

Our Ambassadors

That Sugar Film Ambassadors are passionate individuals who recognise the impact of diet on health and care deeply about sharing the key messages of That Sugar Film far and wide around Australia and New Zealand.

These Ambassadors are formal representatives of That Sugar Film who have the knowledge, skills, attributes and determination to help members of their local community critically evaluate their own dietary habits and make the necessary changes to lower their sugar consumption.

Our Ambassador program equips them with a rich toolkit of resources to engage their local communities through a range of activities including the following:

� Community, school and workplace screenings of That Sugar Film
� Engaging schools with our school�s program and School Action Toolkit
� Facilitating workshops and cooking classes across schools, community groups and workplaces
� Raising funds for the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation

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